The Best Brows in Perth

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that bold brows are in. The bigger the better. Just take a look at any fashion mag or runway model and you’ll see some of the world’s biggest names rocking an A+ brow.

Here at Bella’s we’re all about making sure we have the best team on hand for every job, which is why we’ve hand-picked the best brow technicians in Perth as part of our team.

Our team specialise in eyebrow artistry and lash extensions and with many years in salon experience working in some of Perth’s leading day spa’s, the girls will ensure you always have a first-class experience with us.

We spoke to the Brow Queens at Bella’s about brow maintenance and managed to get a few hot tips, take note!

  1. Don’t overpluck! This is so important as you can very quickly lose shape and end up with a gaping hole in your eyebrow. While it’s very tempting to pluck the occasional stray hair, make sure the start of your eyebrow is inline with your inner eye duct.
  2. Use a brow brush. Get familiar with the direction your brows are growing and keep them neat and tidy with a brow brush. When you go to fill in with a pencil, the brows will look polished.
  3. Match your colour. For in-between appointments, use a brow pencil that matches the colour of your root hair colour. This will create a really beautiful, natural look.
  4. Set with eyebrow gel. This will be your best friend when it comes to keeping your brows in place and colour to last all day. A gel will hold the perfect shape and ensure all the hairs are heading in the same direction!
  5. Know your face shape. Different face shapes suit different brows, come in and have a chat to us and I’ll work out the perfect arch for you!

Up your brow game this summer with a brow makeover at Bella’s.

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