Premium Waxing
We only use disposable spatulas and never recycle wax or double dip. We use premium wax for the best and most comfortable waxing experience. Please let us know if you are using Retin-A, Roaccutane or anything else that may affect your skin’s balance.

Eyebrow $20
Reshape $25
Lip/Chin $10
Sides of Face $20
Standard bikini $25
G-string $30
Extended g-string $38
Brazilian $50
Underarm $18
Half Arm $25
Full Arm $35
Half leg $30
¾ leg $35
Full leg $40
Full leg and bikini $60
Full leg and Brazilian $85

Mens Waxing
Mens back $50
Mens chest $50
Mens full leg $60
Mens full arm $50
Mens eyebrow $20
Manzilian $95
Ears $20

Eyebrow $20
Face from $15

Eyelash tinting has many benefits. Ideal for people sensitive to make-up, those who are active (especially swimmers), those who have no time to apply make-up daily and those who wear contact lenses, the process involves a quick procedure using tint to create the appearance of thick luscious lashes.

Eyebrow tinting consists of using tint to deepen the colour of your existing brow. This works to frame your face, creating a bold yet youthful look.

Eyebrow $15
Eyelash $20
Eyebrow/eyelish $30
Lip, Chin & Nose $15
Lash Lift Package (includes lash tint) $125

Our Spectrum Lumiere IPL SHR treatments are PAIN-FREE, fast, effective and above all comfortable.  IPL Hair Reduction works by targeting heat to the stem cell of the hair shaft, destroying any unwanted hair, whilst leaving the skin intact.  This revolutionary machine incorporates the newest SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology.  It is PAIN-FREE by heating the skin at a lower temperature over a longer period of time, which has proven to be more effective than traditional IPL.  For the best results 4-8 treatment course is recommended.


  • Sophisticated integrated contact cooling system for enhanced comfort and skin protection.
  • Interchangeable filters allow us to target deeper rooted and shallow hair.
  • Best Xenon lamps producing 100% power across the entirety of the area – no overlapping necessary.
  • IPL Treatment Protocol proven hightly safe & effective requiring only 4-8 treatment courses.
  • All IPL operators have completed Advanced Training in the spectrum IPL System.
  • Years of experience performing IPL treatments and achieving results.

All IPL treatments require a comprehensive consultation and a patch test 24 hours prior to treatment to ensure the most suitable treatment plan.

Consultation (including skin test $50)

HAIR REMOVAL Course of 6 treatments (paid in full) Casual
Upper lip $35 $45
Chin $40 $50
Under chin $50 $60
Sideburns $80 $100
Underarm $65 $80
Arm – Full $200 $250
Arm – Half $150 $170
Snail Trail $40 $50
Leg – Full $300 $400
Leg – Half $220 $270
Bikini $99 $110
Bikini Extended $150 $170
Brazillian $180 $230
Chest & Stomach $299 $350
Back – Full $320 $370
REJUVENATION Course of 6 treatments Casual
Face – Full $180 $250
Face – Half $120 $150
Neck $100 $130
Decolletage $150 $200
Hands $80 $100
Face/Neck/Decolletage $350 $400
Spot Treatment $60 $80


There is nothing better than a mani/pedi to put a spring back in your step and give you an immediate lift. Bella’s Skin Care offers a range of options for our clients and we are excited to be firm advocates of the original everlasting manicure –Bio Sculpture Gel. The perfect solution for long lasting, beautiful, healthy nails – try it today!

Essential Manicure 
The perfect way to maintain beautifully groomed nails. This 30 minute treatment includes a full nail and cuticle service and nail shape and nail colour of your choice – $40
With shellac $45
With French polish $50
With Evo $60

Ritual Manicure
An hour of pampering for your hands.  This full nail and cuticle service also includes a softening hand bath, fabulous hand exfoliation and relaxing hand massage followed by a softening paraffin mask and includes colour of your choice – $70
With shellac or French polish $75
With Evo $85

Shellac or Evo redo $66
Includes removal of existing shellac or Evo, nail and cuticle service and a new shellac colour application.

Soak off with nourishing nail treatment $25

Standard polish for hands or feet
Colour $25
French $30

Full set color $70
Full set extensions $90
Full set French $75
Refill full set $60
Refill French $65
Soak off only and nail treatment $35
Silk Repairs $5 per nail

The Essential Pedicure
This fabulous foot treatment includes nail and cuticle work and attention to dry, hardened skin with a dry foot file. Finished with a polish of your choice this 30 minute treat will revive your feet.
Colour $50
French $55
Shellac or Evo $65

Ritual Pedicure
A sublime treatment for your legs and feet.  This wonderful experience includes dry foot file to remove hardened skin, followed by a luxurious aromatic foot soak, before a skin softening scrub removes dead, dry skin, followed by an ultra hydrating Paraffin mask and hot towel treatment. Then be swept off your feet with our famous foot and lower leg massage using moisturing creams, before your nail and cuticle work is completed.  An hour of foot bliss.
Colour $70
French $75
Shellac or Evo $80

Shellac or Evo redo $60
Includes removal of existing shellac or Evo, nail and cuticle service and a new shellac colour application.

Soak off only $25

Standard polish for hands or feet
Colour $25
French $30

Overlays toes colour $50
Overlays toes French $55
Refills on toes $35
Soak off and nail treatment $45
Soak off and redo $65


At Bella’s we are meticulous in applying your beautiful soft synthetic lashes, using a medical grade acrylic resin to your natural lash, adding both length and volume.

Each Lashing is designed and created bespoke of your individuality, your lash health, and of your greatest desire. Classic or Volume Techniques are available. A Classic lashing offers one soft stunning lash per natural lash.

Volume Lashing or RuVol is an advanced technique using lighter, softer, silk lashes and creating bouquets or fans to apply per natural lash, offering a 2D – 6D effect….the results of RuVol are incredible!  Expect to pay more for RuVol Lashing as the product usage increases and the technique and dedication to learn is outstanding!

Natural Lashing (allow 75 min) $120
A little taste of heaven, enjoy a 75 minute lashing to trial the classic one to one method. Great for length.

Medium Lashing (allow 90 min) $130
Imagine lashes so delicate and subtle you will have people wondering… A gentle lashing taking approximately 1.5 hours. This is between a classic and a volume, normally a mix of both to enhance.

Volume Lashing (allow 120 min) $200
Heavenly lashes!  We create beautiful hand made fans of lashes for each natural lash to create the look you desire. This lashing provides a full, fluffy effect and is purely divine. It will take approximately 2 hours to create.

Re-lashing/refills is your maintenance visit, we recommend every 2-3 weeks. The longer you go between visits the more lashes will need to be applied again so the time and costs go up.

Natural (allow 30 minutes) from $60
Medium (allow 45 minutes) from $75
Volume (allow 45 to 60 minutes) from $90

Lash Removal (allow 30 minutes) $50
A gentle cream remover is applied to the lashes which breaks down the bonds in the glue. This is a painless way of removal PTO that doesn’t remove any natural lashes.

At Bella’s we use skin care mineral makeup by Jane Iredale. These products contain no oil, talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens or synthetic fragrances. This beautiful line of makeup is good for your skin and can be applied immediately following many facial treatments including microneedling and IPL rejuvenation. Jane Iredale makeup is never tested on animals and is certified cruelty free. So if you have a special occasion to attend or would just like to learn more about makeup application and tips, we would love to show you.

Special Occasion $85
Make up lesson$70 (redeemable on product)
Bridal/Bridesmaid $90 (please contact the salon for more information)

Flaunt a beautiful golden flow all year round with a spray tan from Bella’s Skin Care Centre. Our techniques are mess free and will have you bronzed in no time!

Single tan application $40
Single tan application half body $25
Exfoliation and spray tan $100
5 tan application package $150
10 tan application package $250