About Beauty Pay

Beauty Pay offers you an alternative way to pay for treatment packages if upfront payment is not affordable for you at the time.

Beauty Pay is Interest Free

It is easy to setup your payments on a Beauty Pay payment plan.

Professionally managed platform: Beauty Pay offers a professional payment platform to manage your payments.

How it works

Beauty Pay manages your payments per the below steps:

  1. Bella’s will provide you with a quote for your selected treatment or treatment package
  2. We offer you a payment arrangement through Beauty Pay
  3. In consultation with you we agree on an affordable payment plan details based on Beauty Pay options including the deposit, amount and frequency of recurring payments – all interest free
  4. You complete an easy Beauty Pay electronic application form in store
  5. Beauty Pay sets up the payment arrangement
  6. Payments are automatically deducted from your nominated account

Treatments suited for Beauty Pay

Or create a custom package to suit your needs!


Example Beauty Clinic Package: IPL Brazilian and Underarm

  • Programme Inclusion: 6 x IPL Brazilian, 6 x IPL underarm
  • Term: 26 weeks
  • Frequency: Treatment every 6 weeks
  • Deposit: Upfront deposit received
  • Payment: Automatic recurring payment arrangement is setup and is deducted in equal payments every week over 26 weeks from your nominated account

More package examples

Beauty Pay Consumer Information Brochure

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