Eyelash Extensions in Fremantle


At Bella’s we are meticulous in applying your beautiful soft synthetic eyelashes, using a medical grade acrylic resin to your natural lash, adding both length and volume.

Each eyelash extension is designed and created bespoke of your individuality, your lash health, and of your greatest desire.

Classic or Volume Eyelash Extensions Techniques are available.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Fremantle

Eyelash Extensions Fremantle | Bella's Skin Care Centre

Classic Lashing offers one soft stunning lash per natural lash

Natural Lashing (allow 75 min) – $120
A little taste of heaven, enjoy a 75 minute lashing to trial the classic one to one method. Great for length.

Medium Lashing (allow 90 min) – $150
Imagine lashes so delicate and subtle you will have people wondering… A gentle lashing taking approximately 1.5 hours. This is between a classic and a volume, normally a mix of both to enhance.

Volume Eyelash Extensions Fremantle

Volume Lashing or RuVol is an advanced technique using lighter, softer, silk lashes and creating bouquets or fans to apply per natural lash, offering a 2D – 6D effect.. The results of RuVol are incredible!

Expect to pay more for RuVol Lashing as the product usage increases and the technique and dedication to learn is outstanding!

Volume Lashing (allow 120 min) – $200

Heavenly lashes!  We create beautiful hand made fans of lashes for each natural lash to create the look you desire. This lashing provides a full, fluffy effect and is purely divine. It will take approximately 2 hours to create.

Eyelash Re-Lashing Fremantle

Re-lashing/refills is your maintenance visit, we recommend every 2-3 weeks. The longer you go between visits the more lashes will need to be applied again so the time and costs go up.

Natural Re-Lashing (allow 30 minutes) – from $60
Medium Re-Lashing (allow 45 minutes) – from $75
Volume Re-Lashing (allow 45 to 60 minutes) – from $90

Eyelash Extensions Removal Fremantle

A gentle cream remover is applied to the lashes which breaks down the bonds in the glue. This is a painless way of removal PTO that doesn’t remove any natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension Removal (allow 30 minutes) – $50

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