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At Bella’s we specialise in a range of relaxation and advanced facial treatments for women, men and teens.  All treatments are fully customised to suit you and your skin.

Our facials treatments are a calming and rejuvenating experience, designed to introduce the restorative benefits of our active skin care products. A relaxing facial massage will increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, improving the skin’s appearance with a healthy glow. These facials are tailored to suit all skin types and will leave you with a radiant complexion. 

Our dermal treatments are designed to treat your individual skin concerns over a period of time.  After consultation a plan will be made which will include treatments, home care and often vitamin supplements to ensure you are getting the best possible results. 

All Facials, Dermal Treatments and Peels require a consultation and are customised to your skin with a thorough skin analysis which includes photographs and an in-depth look at the skin through our skin analysis machine.  We recommend complimentary reviews every 3 months to keep your skin regime current and address any new concerns. This enables us to make any changes along the way as your skin repairs and we can focus on gaining ultimate results and maintaining them.

Facial & Dermal Treatment Prices

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Skin Glow Facial (allow 60 minutes) – $155
A restorative and deeply hydrating therapy for the face, neck and décolletage. This nutritional facial Includes a face, neck, head and arm or foot massage designed to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, improving your skin’s appearance and leaving you with a healthy and radiant glow.  Includes a potent mix of antioxidants, fruit enzymes, vitamins and peptides to strengthen and rebuild the skin.

Skin Glow Express Facial (allow 30 minutes) – $89
A 30 minute “on the go” nutritional treatment  designed to deep cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin.  Includes a potent mix of antioxidants, fruit enzymes, vitamins and peptides to strengthen and rebuild the skin. No lymphatic drainage massage included.

Medi Facial (allow 60 minutes) – $145
Whether you’re a teen who has just started breaking out, an adult who has struggled with acne for years or you have suddenly developed hormonal acne after stopping the Pill, our Medi Facial will focus on deep cleansing, treating bacterial build-up, hydrating and soothing the skin.  Includes a potent mix of antioxidants, fruit enzymes, vitamins and peptides to strengthen and rebuild the skin.
* Includes steam and extractions as needed
* Add Healing Light Therapy to destroy bacteria (15 minutes) – $40
* Add more complex extractions – from $30

Organic Facial (allow 60 minutes) – $160
Using several traditional Chinese tools and techniques, every step of this unique treatment takes your skin on a sensory journey using nourishing, hydrating & skin loving, organic products.

Includes Gua Sha and cupping sequence, kanza tool and cryo ball ritual. Designed to repair the skin to balanced, nourished, hydrated and protected health by repairing the barrier function and balancing the acid mantle.  Products used throughout this facial are formulated to feed, restore, nourish and replenish, bringing the skin back to strength and health.

This is a perfect treatment for an impaired barrier to start to build the skin back to health.

Skin Analysis (allow 45 minutes) $80

(redeemable on Bella’s Skin Care Solutions series or when 2 or more skincare products are purchased)
(Includes cleanse, tone & moisturise)
An in-depth look at the health of your skin.  We will assess and review your skin, take a thorough history and listen to your personal concerns.   We will assess your current and past conditions and prepare a treatment program & homecare prescription to suite your concerns, lifestyle and budget.  Whether we are preparing, repairing or maintaining your skin you will have a clear treatment plan and professional support along the way.

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