Lash Lift & Henna Brow

Lash Lift $125

For luxurious lash curls that last up to 12 weeks, in the blink of an eye!  Say goodbye to traditional perming rollers, we use silicon rods which give an amazing lift from the base of the eyelash.  Best results are seen on medium to long lashes. Includes lash tint and conditioning treatment..

Yumi Brow Lamination $75

A keratin infused brow lamination treatment which enhances, strengthens and lifts natural eyebrows to reveal thicker, symmetrical brows. Requires no maintenance and the effect will last up to 8 weeks. Perfect for creating wispy, full, beachy brows!

Lash Lift & Brow Lamination $155

Combine a lash lift and brow lamination for the ultimate lash and brow combo!

Henna Brow $65

For the ultimate brow shape and tint which lasts.

Bella’s Bespoke Brow $85 (allow 45 minutes)

They are one of our most important facial features, they accentuate our eyes, shape our face define our expression and personality.  This ultimate brow treatment includes a thorough consultation to discuss desired results and long term goals, then using wax, tweeze and alignment methods along with mixing and applying your bespoke tint shades or henna powder we will ultimately achieve the perfectly sculpted brow. Each treatment is individually tailored to your face shape, hair colour and gorgeous personality.  We will then show you how to keep your brows looking amazing until your next salon visit and recommend homecare. We can use both tint and Henna depending on your preference, however we highly recommend Henna as it is a natural, vegan alternative to brow tint. It offers a fuller dramatic or natural longer lasting coloured look eyebrow. Staining the skin as well as colouring the hair, henna leaves the brows looking full, fresh and defined for 4-7 days on the skin and 3-5 weeks on the brow.

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