Micro Blading

Eyebrow Tattoo/Microblading $550 (includes 6 week touch up appointment)

Microblading  is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure.  Eyebrow hairs are physically drawn on, giving the appearance of naturally full brows.  This is done by hand using a small disposable tool which has tiny needles in a row, the skin is lightly scratched into hair strokes and pigment is pushed into the strokes to make them darker, this is the most natural technique to get the best natural looking brows, and that is why we use microblading. 

Who is Suitable for Microblading?

Microblading is most suitable for individuals who lack eyebrow hair.  It provides relief to people who unfortunately must draw in their eyebrows.  Therefore if your eyebrows are sparse, overplucked/waxed, or have been lost due to conditions such as alopecia, then microblading might be the solution to your woes. 

You will need to have a thorough consultation with a technician to make sure this treatment is suitable for you before booking your treatment.  You can download the following documents for more information.  Please call us for further advice.


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