Microhydra-LIFT Facial Fremantle

What is a Microhydra-Lift Facial?

Imagine a microdermabrasion, hydradermabrasion, oxygen infusion, serum infusion and Bi-polar lift all in the one treatment!
Our NEW Microhydra-LIFT machine is the newest treatment available in Fremantle utilising 4 modalities.

This facial is certainly addictive.  It gives immediate results and the clearest and plumpest skin you can imagine.  Our fully trained therapists will use the Microhydra-LIFT to deeply cleanse and exfoliate, then they will infuse moisture molecules into the deeper layers of the skin using a specialised whirlpool tip to remove oxidised sebum from the skins pores whilst simultaneously pushing moisture molecules into the deeper layers of the skin. This is a 8 step treatment combining four technologies to best achieve a smoother, plumper well moisturised skin.

See amazing results on our lovely client above, after only one treatment!

What are the benefits of a Microhydra-Lift Facial?

    1. Moisturises dehydrated skin
    2. Gives dull skin a radiant glow
    3. Exfoliates build up of dead skin cells
    4. Softens and smooths rough flaky skin
    5. Deep cleanses congested skin
    6. Reduces blackheads and breakouts
    7. Oxygenates the skin
    8. Plumps the skin
    9. Softens lines & wrinkles

The Microhydra-Lift Facial can be offered as a stand-alone treatment or can be incorporated into any facial. It deep cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, hydrates, lifts and oxygenates, all in a 45-75 minute session.

Microhydra-LIFT Ultimate $350 (75min)
(includes face, neck, décolletage and hands)

Microhydra-LIFT Essential Plus Facial $250 (60min)
( face only)

Microhydra-LIFT HA+ Facial $175 (45 mins)
(the same as Essential Plus but excludes Bi-polar radio frequency lift)

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