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Dermaplaning, also known as Epiblading or Epidermal Levelling is a safe and effective treatment that will remove “peach fuzz”, improve the texture and tone of the skin, deeply exfoliate the skin and improve the absorption of both in-salon treatments and at-home products.


We use a patented blade which removes dead skin cells and fine peachy hair on the face that makes it difficult for products to penetrate and aids in the smooth application of make-up. Great for blond hair that cannot be treated with IPL or Laser.

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Dermaplaning/Epiblading is perfect for those with fluffy, peach-fuzz like hair on the face.

A surgical blade is woked over the face at a 45 degree angle removing the outer layers of dead skin cells as well as any fine hair (great for blonde hair that cannot be treated with IPL or laser) leaving the skin immediately smooth, fuzz free and rejuvenated.  This is followed by a nourishing Oxygenating or V8 Peptide Mask to promote healing and deep hydration. The results are amazing, glowing skin that looks refreshed and renewed.  A fantastic pick-me-up prior to a special occasion.

There is no downtime associated with this treatment however we recommend the following guidelines for best results.


  • Wear a physical SPF daily.
  • Waxing and hair removal procedures should be avoided for 7-14 days post Dermaplaning.
  • Facial treatments are not advised for a minimum of 7 days post procedure.
  • Exfoliating products are not to be used for 3-5 days after procedure.

We allow approximately 45 minutes.

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