Relax. Refresh. Renew

We all dream of having beautiful, blemish-free skin, with tiny pores and minimal oil production. Unfortunately for some people that dream will never come true. Skin type, diet and environmental factors can all conspire to strip your skin of its health and lustre.

So what can you do to promote healthy and beautiful skin? Here are our top 10 skincare tips to help you love the skin you’re in.

1. Cleanse
The first and most important step. Clean skin is beautiful skin. Cleanse twice a day and after any excessive sweating.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliation can be done using gentle fruit acids, or a very mild scrub. This will help shift the dead skin cell build up revealing the fresh new skin below. Do not be tempted to over scrub! Be sure to only use gentle pressure, as over scrubbing may cause broken capillaries or increase pigmentation.

3. Refresh
Over the day your skin can become dry and lacklustre. We recommend you carry a mist spray in your bag and spritz your face to boost hydration.

4. Moisturise
Even if you have oily skin it is important to moisturise to keep your skin balanced. Use an oil free moisturiser to boost hydration. A hydrating serum is often a great choice to apply under a moisturiser for dry skins, or alone for excessively oily skins.

5. Protect
Skin protection is crucial, especially in our harsh Australian climate. We recommend an SPF of 30 or above. This will keep your skin healthy, younger looking and evenly toned.

6. Soothe
If your skin is red, itchy or aggravated, or over exposed to the sun, applying Aloe Vera or Vitamin C products will restore your skin’s natural barrier. We recommend products that are fragrance free to minimize the possibility of further irritation.

7. Enhance
We know the harmful effects of the sun but we can all agree that a sun-kissed look is desirable. A spray tan is a great solution, or use bronzers to give you that sun-kissed glow without the damage.

8. Powder
Glowing skin looks great, but oily skin does not. Keep pressed powder nearby, to dust over your daily sunscreen. This keeps the shine away and gives flawless coverage. Powders will keep you looking fresh, and keep any breakouts under control.

9. Nourish
We recommend a weekly nourishing treatment. A relaxing facial mask will refresh and rehydrate your skin after the stresses of the week.

10. Pamper
Treat yourself to a monthly skin treatment by a qualified Aesthetician who knows your skin. You deserve a little treat and your skin will thank you for it.

At Bella’s Skincare we supply a wide range of facial treatments that will relax, refresh and renew your skin. For an exceptional treatment from one of our skilled and professional therapists, book an appointment today.

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