Importance of Skincare

As the body’s largest and fastest growing organ, the skin is mighty important. Not only does it protect us from environmental aggressors, it also regulates body temperature and is vital for our survival both
emotionally and physically.
Quite often, good skincare is overlooked by many people as the myriad of products on the market can be all too overwhelming. When it comes to choosing the right skincare, it’s important to be guided by someone who has carefully assessed your skin and can recommend the right products for your skin type and goals.
At Bella’s we believe proper skincare includes a daily regime that cleanses, corrects, hydrates and protects skin from both internal and external stressors. We’ve put together a list of our top five reasons what good skincare looks like.
1. Cleansing
The first and most important step of any skincare regime is cleansing. Harsh, stripping cleansers will do more damage than you think as your face is stripped of essential oils, leading to over-production of oil and breakouts. Yikes! Chat to a professional who will match a cleanser to your skin type and needs.
2. Serum
Whether its skin tone, anti-ageing, blemish prone skin, pigmentation or redness, there is a serum for every occasion. At Bella’s we love products by Medik8 that are professionally formulated to treat skin concerns of any type.
3. Sun Protection
One of the best anti-ageing treatments is prevention. Keeping your skin protected from our harsh Aussie UV rays will keep you looking younger and delay the effects of time (hello, wrinkles and sun spots!). You’ll also reduce the risk of melanoma, one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia. So invest in a good SPF to apply daily and be sure to reapply when
swimming or exercising outdoors. We love Medik8’s Physical Sunscreen.
4. Diet
Your skin is a direct reflection of your health and when it comes to your skin it’s important to not only eat a diet of fresh, nourishing foods but also keep your sugar intake in check. Sugar is inflammatory and attacks skin cells and collagen fibres, causing a loss of elasticity, so to prevent ageing, say no to sugar!
5. Hydration
Keeping skin hydrated starts with at least eight glasses of water per day but it’s also a great idea to invest in a good day and night cream. For day, it’s a good idea to opt for a lighter, gel formula but at night we love slathering on a thicker cream which will work wonders while you sleep. A good moisturizer plus plenty of water is the winning formula for supple, hydrated skin.
So where to from here? We offer skincare consultations at Bella’s where we will help you gain a greater understanding of your skin, set goals and create a personalised skincare regime just for you. Start your skin journey with us today and book in! Call 9339 7121 to make an appointment.

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