Therapeutic Back, Body & Wellness Treatments

Exfoliates, stimulates the lymph system, softens the skin and nourishes the body. This is not a massage, it is an application of luxury oils for absorption, leaving your skin smooth as silk.

TREATMENT TIME 45 MinutesFirst treatment $150
* Initial treatment includes brushesSubsequent treatments $110

The ultimate back treatment includes a back mask to detoxify and exfoliate.
* includes steam and extractions as needed

TREATMENT TIME 30 MinutesFirst treatment $89

A wonderful body exfoliating treatment will leave your skin as smooth as silk whilst providing hydration and nourishment.  It removes dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and increases blood circulation, which promotes healthy and glowing skin. A refreshing shower followed by an application of a nourishing moisturiser finishes off this lovely treatment

TREATMENT TIME 45 Minutes$139

Begin this treatment with a fully body dry brushing treatment to stimulate the lymph system.  You will then be treated to a full body exfoliation which is removed with hot towels.  We will then cover your body in a mask which detoxifies and firms your skin by drawing out impurities and absorbing excess oil It is generously applied all over your body and you are wrapped in a cocooning sheet which raises your body temperature, which in turn boosts circulation, opens pores and helps the mask to better absorb into the skin all whilst you relax with quiet music and candlelight. You will then take a refreshing shower before an application of a nourishing moisturiser finishes off this lovely treatment.  Your mask is customised to your skin concerns and can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite, boost the lymphatic system and metabolism, aid in repairing sun damage and reducing the signs of aging.
* Includes pressure point massage whilst cocooned in your mask

TREATMENT TIME 60 minutes$180

Performed by our specialist energy healer, your Reiki treatment relieves pain, anxiety and depression.

Relaxes and releases tension from the body.  Promotes deeper sleep, relief from insomnia. Breaks down energy blocks. Balances the body, mind and spirit. Promotes spiritual growth and emotional cleansing. Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities.

TREATMENT TIME 60 Minutes$110

Our therapists are some of the most skilled providers of Hot Stone Massage in Perth and are trained by a UK specialist in Hot Stone Therapy.  At Bella’s we provide an amazing holistic experience as the stones release their healing energies deep into the muscles dissolving tension and stress.  A sensory experience to harmonise the body, mind and spirit.

TREATMENT TIME 75 Minutes$160

A holistic treatment based on the ancient Ayurveda healing system. Using acupressure massage, it aims to rebalance the natural energy of the body. Indian Head Massage is performed on the upper back, shoulders, neck and head.  Promotes relaxation, wellbeing, relieves tension, improves circulation, relief from headache and migraine. Improves sleep, and promotes hair growth.

TREATMENT TIME 45 Minutes$89


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